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Alicia and AJ were married on a beautiful January day.  Fresh snow had fallen a few days before and the overcast skies proved to have a magical glow.  When I arrived at the church I instantly felt the buzz of excitement in the girls room.  They were talking about how stunning Alicia’s dress was.  She wore it perfectly.  The guys played it cool and AJ had such a calm about him.

The ceremony was filled with love.  The pews filled with family and friends.  Their vows filled with sincerity.  And then they were pronounced husband and wife.  Before the reception, the whole bridal party took some time to spend together cruising around Muskegon.  Alicia and AJ’s wedding party can be described in one word.  Fun.  And it carried right into the reception with a full dance floor, lots of hugs and plenty of smiles.

Alicia and AJ, I am so thrilled to have been part of your day.

Many smiles.  Ashley.

  • The Retired One - Gorgeous, as always. Makes me want to get married all over again so you can take my wedding pictures. LOL Well, we are going on 39 years, so keep it in mind for my 50th, ok????

  • Stephanie DeVries - Was this reception at Fricano’s? I also have a terrible time with the lighting in there! It seems like there is no good surfaces to bounce flash off of, but these look great!!

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